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Stop the Nonsense and Start the Press!

Spammers are ruining email as a way to communicate with your customers, your members, and your subscribers. The bigger your business, the bigger your headaches... spammers will use your legitimate email address or company name attempting to lend credibility to their spam message. Before you know it, your legitimate email to your list will be blocked - all over the net by various ISP's - and you won't even realize this until you begin receiving complaints from your list asking why you have not responded, fulfilled, etc.

You may not even realize it, but your members, customers, and subscribers are in increasing numbers installing various spam filtering software applications that ask for 'verification'. You will never see these requests for authentication, verification unless you go through ALL your replies to your send-from email address. Obviously the bigger your list, the bigger the challenge this becomes.

The courts have recently ruled that an ISP can do whatever they want with your email when it lands on their server, even if it is just for a millisecond.. they can delete it, send it on to the customer, or ignore it. Or block the sender, meaning you - your email address, your IP address, or all mail just containing the URL referred to in it. The situation is a mess.

No law will ever fix the problem - it's global.
No tax on email sent will ever fix the problem
- only technology will...
and IconAlert is the answer.

No competition with email in the inbox

No more hassles with spam filters. Your messages will get through. Messages to your list who use IconAlert are totally customizable and not just the message, but a small balloon that will appear over the blinking icon when you have sent a message, and this balloon is customizable telling your customer or subscriber that it's from you once they place their cursor over the IconAlert icon.

The icon remains hidden in the user's system tray. It takes up no space, it only appears and begins flashing when you send your message. It remains flashing until your user takes action on it.. by placing their cursor over the icon they will see the message is from you, they then open your message in a browser window allowing you complete flexibility to send them any message you choose in text or html and you may turn off all messages sent at the click of a button. This feature allows you to run a campaign or an announcement for a limited period of time. IconAlert will continue to blink until action is taken by the user or by you the sender.

No need to ask your members, customers, or subscribers to update their email address, ever.

Your member or your customer or your subscriber can unsubscribe any time from your list with the click of a button -- and you will know who unsubscribed... and when!

No more account over quota, no more bounced messages, no more invalid email addresses. We know from experience, especially with our first application of this software at where 100% of our members downloaded IconAlert, that your members, customers, and subscribers will install it and will use it because they too are fed up with not receiving the messages they want, when they want them.

IconAlert™ is a community

IconAlert technology is an exciting new patent pending, very effective, highly affordable, and extremely easy way to communicate with your database. We have built it as a community. Once a user has downloaded IconAlert from any publisher, they will never need to download it again to receive messages from you.

Did you know that your customers ISPs, like AOL and MSN, consider 40% of ALL email SPAM and filter them out before ever being delivered- including your company updates, sales letters, newsletters, and corporate communications!!!

Your customers move, change jobs, change ISPs, and even change their email addresses to avoid SPAM.

Even your overzealous affiliates can get you blocked by ISPs easily just by "purchasing" lists and unknowingly spamming using your URL!

Think of this: Repeat customers spend, on average, 67% more than new customers.

Imagine how much *More Money* you will be making once you increase your customer retention rate.

By *eliminating* Undeliverable Email, you will:

  • increase your response rates
  • stamp out lost sales opportunities
  • increase customer retention rate
  • lower your cost of doing business
  • dramatically improve customer relations
  • and... MAKE MORE MONEY!!!

IconAlert(TM), our innovative, patent pending, technology solves the problem of undeliverable email and guarantees 100% delivery rate of your publications.

There is no other product or service of this kind anywhere on the internet. Be the first to use this amazing new product, and Beat Your Competition.

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